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Effective Marketing Strategies for Small Business Effective Marketing - Marketing Strategies - Every Effective Marketing Strategy or Branding Strategy needs the right amount of Marketing Balance between Brand Marketing, Direct Marketing, Media Advertising, and Effective Internet Marketing.

Stellarpoint Communications Group, headquartered in Malvern PA, 35 minutes from Philadelphia PA, provides balanced and effective Small Business Marketing, Media Advertising, and Internet Marketing Strategies to achieve this Marketing Balance.

This month’s Effective Marketing Article by our PA Marketing - PA Advertising Agency, reviews some 2012 Effective Marketing Strategies utilized in helping our clients achieve the right amount of Marketing Balance between face to face Direct Marketing and online Internet Marketing Strategies.

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Effective Marketing - A New Twist to a simple Direct Marketing Idea - Knock on More Doors - 2012 Style

2012 - Efffective Marketing Strategies - PA Marketing - PA Advertising Agency
Marketing Articles - Stellarpoint Communications Group, Malvern Pa.

Effective Marketing Strategies - New Marketing Ideas for 2012

As companies start to develop their new 2012 Business Marketing Strategies, companies, small business owners, and marketing salespeople will be asking themselves the same questions they do every year – What can I do differently this year to generate more business for my company? Are there any new effective direct marketing strategies which won’t cost me a fortune? Where can I possibly find new customers in this economy?

A very successful 90 year old businessman once told me, “Want more Business – Knock on more Doors”

While most business people will agree knocking on more doors usually generates new business, the vast majority of people still have not converted this quaint aphorism into a 21st century effective marketing model for success. The year 2012 will bring its own set of unique business marketing challenges. Some of these challenges include a very fragile economy, shaky consumer confidence levels, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and double digit unemployment numbers; nevertheless, every business person interested in improving their gross revenue in 2012 must be willing to integrate 21st century effective internet marketing strategies, Social Media Marketing, and effective "face to face" marketing into their overall sales and business marketing programs.

2012 Direct Marketing Strategies - 2012 Internet Marketing Strategies

As CEO of Stellarpoint Communications Group, a diversified Pennslyvania Marketing - Advertising Agency, I ask myself every day whether our marketing professionals need to first knock on more physical doors or more internet doors? The answer can be found in the age old question: Which came first – the chicken or the egg? The simple answer is: Both and Neither. If your company wants to generate more new business, both marketing strategies need attention to be effective and neither can be ignored.

The internet should never be used as an excuse for not getting in front of more people. The vast quantity of online information and resources should always be utilized intelligently; yet, face to face Direct Marketing, if properly coordinated, will usually be more effective in generating long term business relationships.

One of the few exceptions to this premise is when someone discovers a great “Low Cost” product or service, and is able to market it efficiently and effectively using the internet. If anyone is interested in a business “Reality Check”, the likelihood of finding this type of product or service is probably less than 2% of all new products / services; which translates into the other 98% of people (including this business owner) forced to combine the advantages of the internet with getting out and meeting new potential customers.

This all might sound very profound; but, the original question still remains unanswered: What does the average business person need to accomplish in balancing internet marketing strategies with physically meeting new potential customers?

Balanced Direct Marketing Strategies - Effective Internet Marketing Strategies - 2012

Our Top Five Effective Direct Marketing - Internet Marketing Strategies for 2012 are simple but effective:

Website Title Tag Reviews – I have seen too many businesses rank very low in various online search results because their ego overruled any effective Search Marketing - Search Engine Optimization strategy. If the name of your company is known to over 90% of the marketplace, then by all means, put the name of your company at the beginning of your Title Tag. If your business is just one of many quality companies, then an effective keyword search marketing strategy is critical to your business website showing up on the first page of the search results. In addition, our Small Business Website Speed and Performance strategies will continue to focus on Google's priority of website download speed and performance.

Business Directory Management – Most business people understand the necessity for a local listing in their local yellow pages or in a local search engine directory like Google® or Yahoo®; however, most business owners still don’t understand the importance of listing their business in multiple business directories. Citations in various business directories are similar to “seals of approval” for the larger search engines. In addition, a simple listing is not enough! In order to take full advantage of the Local Search Marketing benefits of these directories, someone needs to be constantly paying attention to the information associated with your business listing.

Effective Marketing Video Production & Optimization – Most medium to large companies have the ability to obtain electronic face time with potential customers by using TV Commercials or Radio Advertising spots. While most marketing professionals are aware of the many advantages to optimized video marketing programs, many business owners would be shocked at the effectiveness (the ability to achieve very high ranking in the search results) of a properly optimized marketing video. In addition, you don’t need to spend a fortune producing your video. In my opinion, affordable and effective online Video Production - Marketing Videos will continue to gain popularity over the next 3 years.

Effective Face to Face Marketing Promotions – I meet a great many people during the course of a year, some I remember more than others; however, I always seem to remember the person who gave me a quality pen. A quality pen does not necessarily mean an expensive pen. Whether it is a pen or some other type of unique business marketing promotion, people tend to remember people who give them something. An Effective Incentive Marketing promotion will never take the place of a quality product or service; but, it does help to break the ice a little quicker when you are cold calling on potential customers.

Understand the New Role of the Telephone – A few years ago, connecting with someone on the telephone (cold-calling) was considered one gauge of an effective marketing strategy. Today, the art of telephone cold calling or B2B Telemarketing needs to understood differently. Before anyone will spend 2 minutes talking with you, they want to find out everything about you and your company – on their own. The first goal of any cold call to a customer or their assistant should be obtaining an email address and a simple acknowledgement they will actually look at your introductory email to them. Only after you have provided them with some introductory information, should you try and re-connect for a conversation or better yet – a face to face meeting.

Efeective Marketing Strategy might not be considered a science; but effective Business Marketing is very much like performing a science experiment – you have to keep slightly changing the approach until you finally discover the correct combination of ingredients and procedures.

These five Effective Marketing Ideas are only the tip of the iceberg to any successful 2012 Business Marketing Strategy. While all of us should continue to focus a portion of our business marketing strategies on effective internet marketing, we should also remember to maintain the proper balance between Effective Direct Marketing, New 2012 Internet Marketing Strategies, and good old face to face "Knocking on more Doors".


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