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New Marketing Strategies - 2013 Marketing Strategies - New Marketing Ideas - 2013: Stellarpoint Communications Group, headquartered in Malvern PA, 35 minutes from Philadelphia PA, believes in sharing our Creative and Effective Marketing Strategies and New Business Marketing Ideas with both our existing and prospective clients.

In 2013, we all need to depend on New Marketing Strategies & New Marketing Ideas, along with an Effective Website Strategy and the Best Internet Marketing Strategies to promote our businesses.

Stellarpoint's 2013 Top Marketing Strategies and New Marketing Ideas Web Page will be updated monthly with New Marketing Ideas and Top Public Relations Marketing - Media Advertising - Video Production and Small Business Custom Web Design Strategies.

Our 2013 Marketing Articles on Effective Marketing, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PA Web Design - Internet Marketing Ideas, and more, can assist your company or Small Business in developing Integrated and Effective Marketing Strategies to promote and grow your business in 2013.

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Effective Marketing Ideas 2013 - 2013 Marketing Strategies - New 2013 Marketing Strategies - New Marketing Ideas

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Marketing Strategies 2013 - New Marketing Strategies & Ideas 2013 - Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY - DE - MD - USA

New Marketing Strategies – Marketing Ideas 2013 – As established companies and New Small Business operations look forward to developing New Marketing Strategies and Ideas for 2013, the same old question is making the rounds in planning sessions around the country – What New Marketing Ideas should my Small Business incorporate into our Marketing Strategies in 2013? In order to arrive at any meaningful answer, the question should really be asked as two separate questions:

1. What traditional Marketing Strategies and Ideas have we not effectively utilized?
2. What New 2012 Marketing Ideas & Strategies would completely re-energize my Small Business?

There are countless websites, marketing articles, blogs, and white papers where you can find an unlimited supply of traditional Marketing Strategies to integrate into your overall 2012 Marketing Mix. While we will highlight some these Top 2013 Marketing Strategies in the next section of this article - especially for individuals Starting a New Small Business, the marketing ideas in the final section will center around the word – "re-energize". What new 2013 Marketing Strategies or Viral Marketing Strategies will re-energize your business – your customers – your employees – potential new customers?

New Marketing Strategies – 2013 – Traditional Marketing – Top Internet Marketing Strategies

Here are just a few of the Effective 2013 Marketing Strategies, New Ideas, and Old Ideas which can be integrated into the mix of your Top 2013 Small Business Marketing Strategies:

Branding – Brand Identity Strategies – Take the time to make sure your traditional Brand Marketing Programs convey a compelling and consistent message to customers and potential customers. The best Small Business Marketing strategies will always include a well developed Brand Identity Strategy.

Custom Website Design & Development– Don’t underestimate the power of your website. In today’s 24/7 information environment, potential consumers usually take the time to review a company’s website before making a purchasing decision. Custom PA Web Design should not only look good, it should also provide online users with clear, concise, and relevant website content.

Local Internet Marketing – Don’t underestimate the power of Local Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing in developing your Top 2012 Marketing Strategies. For example, if your business and the majority of your potential consumers are located in Philadelphia, focus a piece of your marketing efforts using effective Philadelphia Internet Marketing strategies and programs.

Media Advertising – Some Small Business Marketing strategies overlook affordable Radio Spots and TV Commercial Video Productions. An effective Philadelphia Video Production broadcast over targeted Cable TV networks can produce surprising results at affordable rates. The key to any Media Campaign is "repetition" – people remember what they see and hear multiple times.

Direct Marketing – Regardless of economic times or advancements related to Social Media Marketing, the most Effective Marketing Strategies still revolve around people connecting with people. Consumers are more likely to buy products or services from a company when they feel a personal connection to the company.

2013 Effective Marketing Strategies – New Marketing Ideas – Viral Marketing Strategies

There are a number of effective 2013 Marketing Strategies, other than the few listed above, which can be integrated into your overall 2012 Business Marketing Strategies; however, how can a business completely re-energize their 2013 Marketing Strategies?

Viral Marketing is one of the new buzzwords used to describe marketing a product, concept, or service using Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, just to name a few. While Social Media Marketing is very effective and should be part of your 2013 Marketing Mix, most companies should not put all their hopes into high risk / high reward Viral Marketing Programs. How many marketing videos ever go viral and receive 10 million hits on Youtube? The simple answer is: very, very few.

A smarter approach to Viral Marketing is to view the concept as Targeted Viral Marketing. The "Most Important" concept to remember when developing targeted 2013 Small Business Marketing Strategies is:


A well developed Targeted Viral Marketing Campaign starts by finding something that people need or want for themselves or their businesses. While the previous statement probably comes as no surprise to anyone, the secret to creating an effective targeted marketing campaign, which has the possibility of becoming a "Viral" Targeted Marketing Campaign, is by providing people a product or service they want to talk about with friends, families, co-workers, and business associates.

Most people are not immediately inclined to promote a product or service unless there is something unique and/or exciting associated with it – something which creates a little excitement they want to share with family and friends. The marketing challenge for all of us is to find this unique "spark" which creates a little excitement around our products and services.

Social Media Websites have created a unique window of opportunity for businesses preparing to launch their 2012 Marketing Strategies; nevertheless, successful marketing campaigns still require effective planning and well coordinated marketing, media advertising, and interactive internet marketing solutions to promote a consistent and compelling message to consumers.


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