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Philadelphia Public Relations PR – Public Relations Agency – Philadelphia – PA – NJ – NY – DE: By integrating Public Relations and Social Media Strategies into the Marketing Mix of Effective Internet Marketing, Media Advertising, PA Video Production, and PA Web Design, our Creative Marketing & Public Relations Consultants add a new dimension to your Public Relations and Social Media Campaigns in Philadelphia – PA – NJ – NY – DE - USA.

Stellarpoint Communications Group, headquartered in Malvern PA, 35 minutes from center city Philadelphia PA, provides companies from New York City to Washington DC a wide variety of PR – Public Relations and Social Media Marketing strategies and solutions. In addition, Stellarpoint offers effective Philadelphia Video Production, Media Advertising, Custom Website Design, Philadelphia Internet Marketing, & Website SEO Services from Philadelphia to Chicago and Boston to Miami.

This month’s Philadelphia Public Relations Article by our PA Marketing, Media & PR Agency Consultants reviews various PR – Public Relations and Social Media Marketing strategies, ideas, questions, and solutions which can be beneficial to the growth and promotion of your business. Our Effective Marketing Strategies are designed for established Philadelphia businesses and for companies Starting a New Small Business. Our PR Services take full advantage of balanced Public Relations Marketing Strategies, Promotional Brand Marketing, Direct Marketing, Media Advertising, and diversified Internet Marketing Services.

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As companies continue to search for innovative strategies and new ideas to integrate into their 2012 marketing plans, Public Relations Campaigns and Social Media Marketing Programs should rarely be viewed as two different marketing strategies. In today’s ever changing world of 24 hour instant access to current information - Public Relations, Media Advertising, and Social Media Marketing need to integrated into much larger 2012 Business Marketing Strategies.

At a Philadelphia Public Relations social event a couple of weeks ago, someone commented from a New York PR Agency that traditional PR - Public Relations Agencies will not survive unless they understand both the short and long term effects of the Social Media phenomenon. While the Top Philadelphia Public Relations Agencies are clearly focused on effective Social Media Marketing for their corporate clients, this statement does provide a glimpse into the future of Corporate Public Relations. In addition, how will this subtle paradigm shift affect the millions of local small businesses trying to understand the difference between Public Relations campaigns and Social Media Marketing programs?

PR Strategies - Public Relations Goals & Objectives – Philadelphia Public Relations Agency

Regardless whether your company is focused on traditional Public Relations Marketing, TV & Radio Media Advertising, or online Social Media Marketing, the initial starting point for any company – but especially someone "Starting a Small Business" - must be with the design and development of effective Branding Strategies. Without a viable Brand Identity strategy, how can any company promote themselves to potential consumers?

Once a company has developed a viable Branding Strategy, which includes a clear and compelling message, the next question becomes – How do we communicate this message to potential consumers?

Ten years ago, the primary goal of every Top Philadelphia Public Relations Agency was to get the name, products, and services of their clients in front of as many people as possible. As we navigate the challenges of 2012, the goal of every Top Philadelphia Public Relations Agency still remains the same. The only difference – we now utilize different tools to achieve this goal.

2011 Public Relations – PR – Press Releases – Video Productions – Social Media Marketing

 While PR Press releases are still very effective Public Relations tools, they now have a much larger potential audience with the advent of Social Media sites. Target distribution networks are no longer confined to traditional media outlets. PR Press Release packages now have to be developed and distributed to reach both traditional journalists and countless social media platforms. In addition, an effective PR Press release can no longer be written with the hope a journalist will write exactly what is contained in the press release. Press Release packages in 2012 will contain informative content which reinforces a company’s brand identity; however, they will also contain links to websites, microsites, video sites, blogs, podcasts, and hopefully links to objective corroborating sources.

 In many targeted marketing campaigns, Broadcast TV Commercials and Radio Advertising Spots are still very critical Brand Marketing Strategies; however, as video sites like Youtube, Yahoo Video, and others continue to grow, Internet Video Productions should be part of every effective Public Relations Campaign. In today’s video hungry environment, one unique internet video production has the potential to reach countless potential consumers. While the chances of any Corporate Video going viral on the internet is still very slim, a unique and creative Internet Video Production combined with an effective Email Marketing Program can produce tremendous Public Relations benefits for any company.

PR Press Releases and Corporate Video Productions are only two of the many Public Relations tools available to companies looking to promote their brand identity strategies, products, and services.  The key to any effective Public Relations strategy is to effectively utilize every available tool. While Fortune 500 Companies have the ability to hire the Best Public Relations Agencies to effectively promote their companies, most small business owners often have to design and develop innovative PR strategies and methods to implement effective Public Relations campaigns.

Integrating PR - Public Relations and Social Media Marketing into the Marketing Mix

As all of us continue to search for new ideas to integrate into our 2012 Marketing Strategies, we need to remember that effective Public Relations Strategies and Social Media Marketing should be included as an integral part of our overall Marketing Mix. Public Relations Agencies will continue to utilize traditional Public Relations strategies. Social Media Marketing will continue to evolve as companies experiment with new Social Media platforms. The primary Public Relations goal for every business should be to utilize all of the Public Relations and Social Media Marketing tools available to them.


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