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Philadelphia Small Business Website Design Small Business Web Design - PA: Our Ten Step Guide to Small Business Website Design Strategy provides some of Stellarpoint's creative PA Web Design Strategies in Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY - DE - USA.

Our Small Business Web Design Strategies are consistently based on your Company's overall Business Strategy. After our Creative Web Designers develop an initial understanding of your Business, Marketing, and Branding Strategies, we then work with you to develop a creative Small Business Web Design Strategy; consistent with your Company's Brand Marketing Programs, Direct Marketing, and Media Advertising Campaigns.

This month’s Small Business Web Design & Internet Marketing Article reviews some Effective Marketing Strategies utilized in helping our clients integrate a Custom Website Design into their overall Business Strategy. Stellarpoint Communications Group, headquartered in Malvern PA, 35 minutes from Philadelphia PA, also provides our clients with effective Marketing, Media Advertising, and Internet Marketing Strategies to compliment our Small Business Custom Website Design Services.

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Ten Step Guide To Small Business Website Design Strategies - 2012 Custom Website Design

2012 Small Business Website Design - PA Web Design Agency - PA Internet Marketing Company
Marketing Articles by Stellarpoint Communications Group, Malvern Pa.

Small Business Web Design - Small Business Website Design Strategies

Small Business Web Design is one of the Primary Creative Marketing Strategies available to every Small Business Owner, regardless of whether they are Starting a New Small Business or planning for the growth of their existing Small Business. The three questions which can often put the development of any new Web Design Strategy on hold are: “How can my Small Business Design a Great Website?”, “What should we use as a Guide to Design our Small Business Website?”, and “How can my Small Business afford Great Web Design?”

Whether your current monthly gross revenue is one thousand or one hundred thousand dollars, the following “Ten Step” outline has been utilized by Stellarpoint Group in developing our Small Business Web Design in Philadelphia – PA – NJ – NY – DE – USA. This article is not intended to be all inclusive; however, it does provide a starting point for any Business interested in developing a comprehensive and Creative Small Business Web Design Strategy.

1. Effective Small Business Web Design starts by “Taking the First Step”

Most Small Business Owners recognize the value of Creative Web Design combined with an effective Internet Marketing Strategy; however, integrating these two elements into an overall Business Marketing and Media Advertising Strategy sometimes creates more questions than answers. As one of Pennsylvania’s Top Web Design Companies, Stellarpoint Group has worked with numerous Small Business owners to develop Small Business Web Design & Internet Marketing Strategies which are Simple, Effective, and Affordable. The most difficult part of any Small Business Website Design & Development Project is usually “Taking the First Step.”

2. Your Business Strategy will drive the Design of your Small Business Website

Prior to spending two seconds thinking about your Small Business Web Design, every Small Business Owner should initially develop a comprehensive and well designed “Business Strategy.”

The Best Business Advice I ever received was, “Don’t put a Business Strategy together by yourself.” While some believe everything can be obtained over the internet, the most important ingredient – shared business interactions – can only be obtained by discussing your Business Strategy with other people. Even the most seasoned management consultant uses a network of people to confirm his ideas. If a Business Strategy and Business Plan have merits – you should not be the only one holding this opinion.

3. Branding Strategy – Business Marketing Strategy – What is your Corporate Branding Strategy?

While technically part of any Comprehensive Business Strategy, an Effective Branding Strategy and Business Marketing Strategy are critical components of your Small Business Web Design. How are you planning to communicate a positive “Marketing Message” about your products or services to the general public? Your Branding Strategy should include strategies and ideas pertaining to: Logo Design, Business Name, Business Structure, Business Marketing Message, Target Markets – including Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing Strategies, and various other Marketing, Media Advertising, and Web Design Strategies for communicating your message.

4. Define Marketing - Advertising Goals, Objectives, and Expectations of your Small Business Website

The most important question which every Small Business Owner should answer prior to initiating their Small Business Web Design Project is: “What are the Marketing – Advertising Goals, Objectives, and Expectations of my Small Business Website?” For example, the Web Design Strategy for a Small Business Website targeting a local area audience might include certain PA Video Production elements or Creative Incentive Programs, while the Small Business Website targeting a larger internet user group might emphasize very different Search Marketing Strategies or Brand Marketing components.

5. Create Realistic Marketing Budgets for your Small Business Web Design Project

As CEO of Stellarpoint, I like to pass one thought on to every Small Business Web Design client. When a Small Business Owner says it’s not about the money – it’s usually always about the money. Regardless of your overall Marketing, Advertising, and Web Design Budget, the key is to be realistic with “yourself” before your Web Design Strategies are finalized. Most Small Business Owners who are willing to establish realistic Web Design and Web Marketing Budgets can often accomplish more than someone with no idea of how much they are willing to invest in their Small Business Web Design Project

6. Understand the effectiveness of “Sharing Marketing Information”

Whether your Small Business Web Design Budget is $1,000 or $30,000, obtain as much Marketing, Advertising, and Web Design input as needed (up to the point of diminishing return) in understanding the various Web Design and Internet Marketing Strategies being suggested to you. If someone wants to design your Small Business Website but is unwilling to fully explain their Web Design, Web Development, and Internet Marketing strategies, including the various Web Development options available to you i.e., Flash, Video Production, Graphics, Interactive Applications, and numerous others - I have one suggestion – Walk Away – Quickly!

7. Small Business Web Design should include a Website SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Strategy

SEO is the “Key” to online users finding your website without being directed to it by other means i.e., you directly give someone the domain name of your website and tell them to look at it. I have seen Small Business Websites which are dynamic, engaging, and extremely effective as a marketing tool; however, they are almost impossible to find online. Because some Web Designers are only interested in their websites “looking good,” there could be a tendency to overlook certain SEO Strategies. If one of the marketing goals for your Small Business Website is obtaining new online users, SEO Services need to be included as part of your overall Small Business Web Design and Development.

8. Small Business Web Design - 2012 - Website Content is the face of your Small Business Website

If your Small Business Website has been effectively planned i.e., incorporates elements from your Business & Branding Strategies, satisfies your Marketing and Media Advertising objectives, includes various Web Design elements in line with your Marketing Budget, and takes into account the implementation of various SEO Strategies, etc., then your Website Content will flow very naturally. It is important to remember your website content has at least two main audiences, first and foremost is the end user, but a close second is the Search Engine i.e., Google®, Yahoo®, Bing®, who will be utilizing your website content to rank your website in their Search Results.

9. Small Business Web Design and the importance of Repeat Visitors - Website Speed - Performance Testing

While most new Small Business owners are only interested in new business, don’t overlook the importance of initiating some simple Web Design Strategies up front which will make it easier for users to return to your website in the future. Simple strategies like a newsletter sign up or a regularly updated news section will allow your Small Business to capture user emails and give end users a reason to bookmark your website.

Website Speed - Performance Testing Strategies are also becoming a critical part of Effective Website Design in 2012. Since Google has placed a higher priority on Website Speed & Performance Testing, companies interested in maintaining high search rankings will also pay attention to the speed and performance of their websites. In order to maintain high search rankings with Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing® - and gain repeat visitors, companies should take advaqntage of Google's website Speed & Performance tools.

10. Effective Marketing of your Small Business Website improves your Chances for Success.

If you have been diligent in planning your Small Business Web Design Project, your Website is now an integral part of your Corporate Brand Identity. The final step in the planning process of your Small Business Website, regardless of the size of your Marketing Budget, is to take into consideration the “Marketing” of your Website. Some Small Business owners might consider Corporate Marketing Videos, TV Advertising or Radio Advertising Spots, while others will utilize B2B Telemarketing or Small Business Email Marketing Campaigns in directing users to their website.

In summary, if you are willing to invest the time and effort into establishing a comprehensive strategy outlining your Small Business Web Design Goals, Objectives, Budgets, and Expectations, the investment in your Website is sure to pay substantial dividends over time.


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