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Starting a New Business - Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY Small Business Marketing Strategies – When Starting a New Small Business it is important to understand the difference between actually Starting a Small Business and Marketing a New Small Business. Any Effective Marketing Strategy or Internet Marketing Strategy for a New Small Business needs the right Marketing Mix between Brand Marketing, Direct Marketing, Media Advertising, and Effective SEO Internet Marketing.

Stellarpoint Communications Group, headquartered in Malvern PA, 35 minutes from Philadelphia PA, offers companies starting a new Small Business with Effective Marketing, Media Advertising, Video Production, Pa Web Design, and Internet Marketing Strategies to achieve all of their marketing goals and objectives.

This month’s Small Business Marketing Article by our PA Marketing - Media - Web Design Agency reviews some Effective Marketing Strategies, developed to help companies starting a New Small Business achieve the right Marketing Mix of Direct Marketing, Small Business Website Design, and online SEO Internet Marketing solutions.

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Small Business Marketing - Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY - USA

Starting a Small Business - Five Effective Strategies when Starting a New Small Business

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Small Business Strategies - 2012 - Small Business Marketing Strategies - Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY - USA

Starting a New Small Business and Marketing a New Small Business should initially be viewed as two separate elements of your comprehensive Small Business Strategy. Some New Business owners have an immediate tendency to envision great ideas for their New Small Business from “Day One” and immediately start searching the internet for information on Effective Marketing Strategies for Marketing a New Small Business. The Best Strategy for any New Small Business owner in this situation is: Pause – if only for a second.

The Small Business Administration – Office of Advocacy estimates in their 2009 updated report, approximately 600,000 New Small Business opportunities start up every year and about the same number close every year. They also estimate New Small Business turnover for companies without any employees is three times higher than Small Businesses with employees. Here’s the kicker – this information has yet to be updated to show start up and failure rates for the last 18 months. Based on the state of the economy over the last 18 months, these numbers are sure to look a little frightening.

Should any of these facts stop someone who has a great idea from starting up a New Small Business? The simple answer is – Absolutely Not! New Small Business start ups are the backbone of any economy. Nevertheless, these facts should make every New Small Business owner Stop, “Pause”, and ask themselves: Have we done everything we need to do before starting up our New Small Business?

The secret formula for starting up and effectively building a New Small Business has yet to be invented. There are countless books, websites, companies, and Business Marketing Consultants who can provide information on the various elements of strategy, organization, financing, marketing, and operational management, which should always be addressed before launching any New Small Business Opportunity; nevertheless, every successful Small Business operation I have worked with over the last thirty years has always integrated the following concepts / ideas into the process:

1. Don’t try to be a Small Business Expert on Day One – Seek out the help of Confidants

Most New Small Business Opportunities usually start out in the mind of one person; however, most “Successful Small Businesses” are successful because their owner realizes starting a New Small Business is not a one person proposition. While there are exceptions to the rule, even someone with the best idea in the world should always seek out some help – even if the assistance is derived from a small circle of business confidants who can offer honest and “constructive” criticisms. A great idea for any new Small Business opportunity is only a great idea so long as “other people” also think it’s a great idea.

2. Pay attention to the Organizational Structure of Your New Small Business

This is often the first mistake made by some New Small Business owners. Unless you personally have a combined Legal, Accounting, and Tax background, the best advice is always to consult with someone who knows the rules of the game. The process does not have to cost a fortune and it could be a very short conversation, with the simple advice being to start your business as a unincorporated proprietorship. On the other hand, the discussion might highlight certain facts you did not fully understand about setting up a business. The time you spend making sure you understand all the options, mechanisms, and ramifications of organizing your Small Business will save you countless hours of headache down the road.

3. Create a Comprehensive New Small Business Strategy - Business Plan

Every Successful New Small Business always focuses a considerable amount of attention on their overall Business Strategy. This does not mean every New Small Business owner has taken the time to formalize a written Business Plan; however, it does mean someone has taken the time to address the key elements of an effective Business Strategy, including both short and long term Business & Financial goals, objectives, and operational strategies. The US Small Business Administration has created a Small Business planning website for people trying to find the Best Search Results for the Basics of a Business Plan. A Comprehensive Business Plan does not guarantee success, but it does make it a great deal easier for anyone starting a new business for the first time.

4. Design Small Business Branding – Marketing – Internet Marketing - Social Media Marketing Strategies

There are many Small Business start up companies and their owners who put forth tremendous efforts to document their overall Business Strategy, only to include one line in their Business Plan for Branding StrategiesBrand MarketingWeb Design & Internet Marketing.

In order to move forward with an overall Business Strategy, every New Small Business should integrate an Effective Branding Strategy into their Small Business Marketing Plan. How can any successful business have a Business Strategy which does not include a plan for telling the customer how the business should be viewed in the marketplace?

Effective Branding is the key element in most Small Business Marketing Strategies. This includes Integrating Social Media Marketing, Product Marketing, and various other Local Marketing Strategies, such as: Philadelphia Internet Marketing or Philadelphia Video Production into your overall Marketing Mix of new Small Business strategies. An effective Marketing Mix ia a "must" for any new Small Business looking to attract potential customers.

5. Develop a Client / Customer Satisfaction Strategy prior to Starting A New Small Business

This key concept is often forgotten in many a New Small Business Plan until the Business has been up and running for a little while; however, it could be one of the most important parts of any initial Business Strategy. Every successful New Small Business has to be able to attract initial customers; but, they also have to put effective strategies in place to keep those customers “coming back” over and over again.

Regardless of whether your business is selling a product or service, Customer Satisfaction Strategies are critical to the success of any New Small Business. If customer satisfaction is identified initially as an integral part of your business strategy, then all of your Branding, Marketing, and Internet Marketing Strategies will have an element of customer service and satisfaction included in them.

The Bottom Line – The Business World would be a very boring place if creative and energetic entrepreneurs stopped starting up New Small Businesses. While instant success can never be guaranteed, Small Business owners who put forth the effort to address various strategy issues up front increase their odds for success.


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