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B2B Telemarketing & Lead Generation Company - Telemarketing Services - B2B Telemarketing by Stellarpoint Communications Group - Malvern PA, headquartered 35 minutes from center city Philadelphia PA, includes B2B Effective Marketing Strategies, Business Lead Generation, Internet Marketing, Sales Lead Management, in addition to PA Video Production and creative Media Advertising strategies.

Our B2B PA Marketing - Advertising Agency interacts daily with Senior Business Marketing Executives at the highest levels. These B2B Business Marketing contacts, combined with the experience of our Telemarketing and Philadelphia Public Relations Consultants, gives us the ability to assist your Business or any Company Starting a New Small Business in the implementation of Targeted Telemarketing Campaigns which are designed around the unique Branding Strategies - Brand Marketing requirements of your business.

Whether your B2B Telemarketing Service Requirements are focused on Lead Generation, Product Research, Lead and Data Qualification, Marketing a Service Business, or B2B Business Marketing for PA Website Design and Philadelphia Video Production, our highly educated team of Telemarketing Professionals have the B2B Telemarketing experience to connect the right people with your Company. Our B2B Telemarketing Campaigns are based on:

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The simple fact is: 80% of salespeople will do almost anything not to prospect for new business. Business owners and sales managers may insist on it, demanding new prospect lists, call reports and sales meeting updates; but the reality is most salespeople will call on existing accounts, perform administrative tasks, and converse with other salespeople rather than dig up new business. Stellarpoint Group’s streamlined B2B Telemarketing approach and Lead Generation Strategies can provide your sales force with the incentive to get in front of prospective clients.

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Whether you're seeking to develop new B2B customers, develop a Promotional Products Marketing Campaign, or simply trying to understand your competition, Stellarpoint takes the time to understand your business. We initially listen, study and evaluate your business operations, along with your products or services. Our B2B Telemarketing Campaigns and Social Media Marketing Programs will be tailored creatively and strategically to meet your specific marketing goals and objectives. We design and implement Telemarketing Campaigns and Small Business Social Media Marketing Programs which produce positive results for your business.

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Stellarpoint provides experienced and highly educated Business-to-Business Telemarketing Consultants who understand your Business. In speaking with senior level business people, we know how to make brief, professional, and compelling presentations. The primary objective of our B2B Telemarketing Consultants is to generate new business for our clients by integrating your 2011 Marketing Strategies & New Business Goals into all of our Telemarketing Services. Whether we are setting an appointment, introducing a prospect to your products or services, or simply updating your database with pertinent information, our telemarketers are working for you.

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Stellarpoint Communications understands Telemarketing Campaigns should be an investment in future revenue not a drain on current expenses. With a properly designed campaign, you will see a quick return on your investment. Our Discounted Starter Telemarketing Program requires a onetime investment of $2,925. This package includes 50 calling hours up to 1000 contacts. We will provide you with a customized call approach, highly qualified and rated leads, weekly reports, and an updated database.

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