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Philadelphia Video Production Services - Video Production Company – Philadelphia – PA – NJ – NY – DE: Our PA Commercial Video Production Company offers Professional Corporate Video Productions, TV Commercial Video Production Services, Small Business Marketing Videos, Political Video Production, Internet Video Productions and Video Optimization Services in Philadelphia – PA – NJ – NY – DE - USA.

Stellarpoint Communications Group, headquartered in Malvern PA, 35 minutes from Philadelphia PA and 15 minutes from King of Prussia PA, produces a wide variety of compelling and engaging Philadelphia Commercial Video Productions from TV Automotive Advertising and Car Dealer TV Spots to Media Advertising and Political Campaign Video Productions.

In addition, Stellarpoint offers effective Brand Marketing. Media Advertising, Internet Marketing, PA Web Design & Website SEO Services from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and New York City to Washington DC.

This month’s Philadelphia Video Production Article by our PA Marketing & Video Production Company reviews some creative and effective 2011 Video Production – Video Marketing strategies and questions which are relevant to the growth of your business.

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Philadelphia Video Production Company - Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY - DE

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Philadelphia Video Production - Professional Video Production Services - Philadelphia - PA - NJ - NY - DE - USA

As companies from Philadelphia PA to Pittsburgh PA start developing their 2012 Marketing and Media Advertising Budgets, two words usually find their way into most planning discussions – Video Production – followed by two critical business marketing questions: How important is a Professional Marketing Video Production to our business and how much does an effective Professional Video Production cost?

Whether you need a TV Commercial Video Production for an Automotive Dealership in Philadelphia, a Corporate Video Production for a medical office or law firm Pittsburgh, a Marketing Video for a small business in West Chester or Harrisburg, or a Political Video Production for a TV Political Advertising Campaign in Pennsylvania or New York City, most Companies, Organizations, and Political Campaigns are only interested in one thing – a creative and affordable Video Production – Corporate Marketing Video capable of producing results.

In Today’s TV Advertising and Internet Marketing environment, most consumers are very comfortable with viewing a TV Commercial or Internet Marketing Video about a company, service, or product and then forming certain opinions before making their actual buying decision; however, most small to medium sized businesses are still not taking advantage of engaging and Effective Video Productions to market their products or services.

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Based on a recent Stellarpoint Communications Group marketing poll on the marketing effectiveness of certain types of Video Productions in the Greater Philadelphia Area, we concluded the following:

1. Philadelphia business owners and corporate marketing managers still debate the best way to integrate effective Video Productions into their various Brand Marketing Strategies when advertising their business, products or services.

2. The various price options associated with Professional Video Productions still generate many questions and a certain level of uncertainty in the minds of some Philadelphia New Small Business owners.

These observations taken separately confirmed many Small Business Owners and Corporate Marketing Directors are very interested in searching for Effective Marketing Strategies and Video Marketing Solutions; however, when viewed together, it highlighted the fact that most Philadelphia business owners who are considering Video Production as one of their marketing strategies are not only focused on the quality of the Video Productions; but, they are even more focused on obtaining an affordable Video Production.

One of the many advantages of an effective and engaging Video Production – Video Marketing strategy for any Philadelphia PA or Pittsburgh PA company is the ability to quickly communicate a targeted Brand Marketing message to a wide range of audiences. Whether your Philadelphia Video Production is produced for TV Commercial Advertising, Product Brand Marketing, or a Website Internet Marketing Video, an engaging Video Production instantly transforms your product or company message into something “personal” for the viewer.

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Post Production Video Company – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh – Harrisburg – Lancaster – PA – NJ – NY

The Post Production and Video Editing phase of any Broadcast TV Commercial, Corporate Video, or Internet Marketing Video Production is equally as important as the actual film shooting phase of your Video Production. There are many options for effectively utilizing a quality Video Production; however, without effective Post Production Video Editing, your video could lack the “spark” to excite end users.

A creative and engaging Video Production is obviously the key component of any effective TV Broadcast Advertising Strategy; however, Website Video Productions are also becoming an integral part of effective Video Marketing Strategies for both Corporate and Small Business Owners. Over the last twelve months, Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing® have been consistently placing more importance on certain video marketing links when calculating their search results for individual websites.

Posting a video on your website is not an absolute necessity; however, the advantages of an effectively optimized video production are clear when a company is trying to outrank the competition. The more chances your company provides online users to find your business on the internet, including links from optimized content on video landing sites, the better your chances of generating new online business.

PA Video Production Costs – TV Commercials – Marketing Videos – Internet Video Productions

Philadelphia Video Production costs are clearly a key factor for many Philadelphia and Pittsburgh business owners when it comes down to making a final decision on whether to produce a TV Commercial or Corporate Marketing Video. Like most products and services, TV Commercials, Corporate Marketing Videos, and various Internet Marketing Video Productions come in all shapes and sizes.

Excluding self produced videos, the cost to produce a Commercial Video Production can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, and clearly higher for certain technical and documentary productions. There are numerous factors involved in pricing a video production, i.e., length of the video production, Voice Talent - On Camera Talent required, extensive graphics or 3D animation, and many others. The key to efficiently pricing a top quality and effective Video Production is in the planning – Understand your Video Marketing objectives and work with a company willing to spend the time up front to map out the best approach

A top quality effective Video Production does not have to be expensive; but, a poor quality Video Production is usually ineffective.

The Bottom Line – Quality and Affordability are both critical factors in producing any Video Production and both should be given equal attention in considering the best type of video production to integrate into your various marketing strategies.

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